Youth Energy Labs


Youth Energy Labs (YEL) is a European project empowering young people and their mentors to drive positive change towards a sustainable future. A network of partner organizations across Europe, united by this shared mission, fuels YEL’s success.
Join us in building a brighter tomorrow! Connect with your local YEL entity to get involved and make a difference in your community.  Contacts

Fundación Santa María la Real (FSMLR) is a national non-profit organisation, founded in 1994 in Spain. Its mission is to generate sustainable development and activate the territories, through the implementation of innovative projects and initiatives, based on three axes: people, heritage and landscape.

The most impactful initiative of the Employment and Social Inclusion area is the Employment Launchers programme, which has changed the way of perceiving employment guidance through a collaborative approach and works as a turning point in employability-related policies. The programme has been implemented in all regions of Spain and in other European countries. FSMLR also offers entrepreneurship programmes to help people who want to have their own business, supporting more than 150 people since 2020.

Verde is a Research Center based in Greece that works to protect the natural environment and promote sustainable development. We target issues that focus on climate change, smart and sustainable cities, waste management & recycling, and our broader mission to conserve biodiversity and protect ecosystems. Verde conducts research, educates the public, and advocate for policy changes to protect the environment. We also work directly on conservation projects and support community-based initiatives to promote sustainable practices.

FUHEM is an independent non-profit foundation that promotes social justice, the deepening of democracy and environmental sustainability, through educational activity and work on ecosocial issues. The uniqueness of FUHEM lies in the interaction of reflection in the ecosocial and educational fields, and the practice of its schools. FUHEM Education: promotes the comprehensive training of critical, autonomous people committed to the complex environment in which students operate. FUHEM has three concerted educational centers, all of them located in the Community of Madrid: HIPATIA Municipal Educational City (in Rivas Vaciamadrid); and in the capital, LOURDES School (Latina district), and MONTSERRAT School (Retiro district). In addition, it manages Pippi Långstrump public nursery school (in Rivas Vaciamadrid). Overall, FUHEM’s educational offer includes all stages: Early Childhood, Primary, ESO, Baccalaureate (with various modalities, including Arts), and certain Vocational Training Cycles and Programs. All stages are arranged except for the cycle from 0 to 3 years, which is only offered in Hipatia. Currently, almost 4,600 students study and live together in FUHEM educational centers and about 400 professionals work. FUHEM Ecosocial: promotes research, networking, multidisciplinary debate and dissemination on some of the main problems of our time: ecological limits, equity, social cohesion and the quality of democracy.

Legambiente Lombardia is one of the regional branches of Legambiente, the most widespread environmental non profit association in Italy for more than 40 years. Its aim is to improve and protect the environment, safeguard biodiversity, protect natural areas, promote an efficient use of natural resources and foster sustainable territorial development, promote solidarity and peace as fundamental values of our society. Legambiente Lombardia performs its activities with more than 80 local groups spread in the Lombardy region, by promoting initiatives on climate change, conservation of natural resources, circular economy, education, based on scientific data and dossiers.

Ecological Future Education (EFE) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to offering non-formal training for both youth and adults, fostering personal and professional growth. 

The aim is to help introduce new learning and thinking methods which would promote environmental awareness as an interesting adventure where everyone participates, thus making the world a better place. EFE approach is to talk, explain and introduce difficult topics in a positive way. 

EFE provides workshops and resources to simplify understanding of sustainable development challenges and to present environmental consciousness as an engaging journey, involving everyone, with the goal of building a cohesive, inclusive, and sustainable local community. 

EFE organises a wide range of workshops on how to make our everyday life greener and environmentally friendly – zero waste lifestyle, habit awareness, upcycling, sewing reusable produce bags, making beeswax wrap, green home, green office and also about the circular economy as a business model, and others. 

For our members and local community EFE organises monthly activities – Game nights; Story events; Ecology Lab; Green Hub; Sustainability Café; art and other creative workshops.